Jennifer Aniston attacked for becoming face of ‘homophobic’ airline

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Flight Attendants are unhappy with the actress after she signed on to be the new global face of Emirates – the biggest airline in the Middle East.

Jennifer Aniston is rumoured to be making five million dollars from the deal, but members of The Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) are hoping the newly-wed Friends star will rethink her decision to becoming associated with the brand, reports Logo.

“APFA has serious concerns about the way the Gulf carriers treat and manage their flight crews, particularly women and gay men,” said President Laura Glading.

“Regressive legal systems and cultural norms make the work experience in countries like the UAE very different from those in western democracies,” she added.

“We hope that Ms. Aniston will fully evaluate Emirates employment policies before lending her name and celebrity to the brand.”

Emirates is owned by the Government of Dubai, where same-sex activity – from shaking somebody’s hand in the wrong way, to kissing – is strictly prohibited and punishable with imprisonment.

Furthermore, PinkNews and other LGBT media websites are currently prohibited in Dubai.

When questioned about whether or not it banned openly gay employees, a spokesperson for the airline offered the following statement:

“Emirates adheres to the anti-discrimination employment laws of each country it operates in.

“Emirates does not ask prospective employees about their sexual orientation during any stage of recruitment and does not keep data on employees’ sexual orientation.