Could ‘Kylie Minogue’ be the next Mayor of London?

The rhetoric in the Labour campaign for Mayor of London has reached new heights – Tessa Jowell has been dubbed ‘Kylie Minogue’.

Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson made the bold claim, likening former Olympics minister Dame Tessa Jowell to gay icon Kylie Minogue.

In an email urging supporters to back the politician’s bid to run for Mayor of London in 2016, Mr Johnson claimed: “Tessa is a star, she’s Labour’s Kylie – and she can deliver the change that London needs.”

He insisted: “It starts with a look. Then a double take. Then a smile. A moment to work up the confidence and then they come over.

“Tessa cannot leave the house without meeting new people who want to say hello. I have seen this a hundred times, and believe me it’s not normal – no other politician inspires such warmth.

“Tessa is a star. She is Labour’s Kylie – everyone loves her and she only needs a first name.

“She has a remarkable way with people that generates real affection.”

We’re not entirely convinced though – we imagine former Minister for Transport Sadiq Khan could do a fantastic Loco-motion, and Diane Abbott will leave you Spinning Around.

Labour’s real Kylie might be elsewhere though… the superstar with a less popular younger sibling? Where we’ve seen that before?