Green Party’s Sian Berry unveils plan to make London the ‘most trans-inclusive city in the world’ if elected mayor

sian berry green party southbank centre

Sian Berry, Green Party candidate for mayor of London, has vowed to dramatically improve trans rights and protect LGBT+ spaces in the capital if elected.

The party’s co-leader is vying to replace Sadiq Khan in the May election, and is making LGBT+ rights a key part of her platform.

Berry has said that if elected, she will remove barriers to healthcare, employment and housing for trans and non-binary Londoners, cracking down on discrimination in these areas.

She has also pledged to create a commission into the needs of trans Londoners, and to develop a strategy that would transform London into the most “trans-inclusive city in the world”.

Berry explained: “Trans people are currently among society’s most marginalised communities, facing discrimination every day, and unacceptable barriers to the basic necessities of life like housing, employment and healthcare.

I am proud to say that trans men are men, trans women are women and non-binary identities exist and are valid. 

“I will make it clear that transphobia has no place in this amazing city, and it is my duty to make sure every Londoner has their rights protected.  

“I promise to do everything in my power to ensure every single trans person in London has a safe, fulfilling and joyful life.”

Sian Berry would protect London’s LGBT+ spaces

Sian Berry is also proposing much-needed protections for LGBT+ Londoners and recognition of vital, at-risk queer spaces

As part of this vow, Berry would create a hub for queer people “marginalised by commercial values, seeking information and support in being confident in their sexuality or gender identity”, using property owned by the Greater London Authority (GLA).

As mayor, Berry would also help more communities and local authorities to designate LGBT+ venues as “assets of community value”, which could help to ensure their continued existence.

She would also seek to establish a data collection system to ensure the needs of LGBT+ Londoners are clear and to assess the impact of GLA work on these groups.

More trans inclusion in London

The Green Party has pledged to work with GLA organisations and local authorities to ensure they’re sensitive to the needs of trans and non-binary people. This would include training on trans awareness and inclusion. 

Berry said her party would also run LGBT+ awareness training for GLA staff. 

Ria Patel, the co-chair of the LGBTIQA+ Greens, said their action plan would look to address “societal transphobia” and “counter the culture of misrepresentations, misinformation and prejudice”. 

“It’s been heartbreaking to see the awful backlash against trans rights, and it’s a disgrace to see newspapers and some politicians fuelling the flames of bigotry,” Patel said.

Who else is running for the 2021 London Mayoral election?

The current mayor Sadiq Khan is looking to be re-elected for a second term. The Labour politician has held the post since 2016 when he took over from Boris Johnson.

Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey has been London assembly member since 2016. He is the GLA Conservatives spokesperson for the economy and serves as deputy chairman of the economy committee on the London assembly. Bailey is promising to recruit more than 8,000 extra police officers, reverse the congestion charge increase and encourage routing HIV testing if elected.

Former journalist Luisa Porritt is running as the Liberal Democrats nominee. She has been a councillor for Belsize ward in Camden since 2018 and the leader of the Lib Dems on Camden Council since September. Her policies include converting empty office spaces into affordable housing.

Manu Reid is campaigning for mayor of London as a member of the Women’s Equality Party. She’s the first Black and bisexual leader of a political party in the UK. Her policies include making sure no woman is turned away from refuge and making London the first gender equal city in the world.

Dr Peter Gammons will be running as the UKIP candidate. His policies include converting miles of unused tunnels beneath London into walking and cycling lanes and opposing government lockdowns.