This boy was raped then given electric shock therapy to ‘cure’ his homosexuality

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A boy who was raped at a youth training centre was later given electric shock treatment in an effort to “cure” his homosexuality.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has heard that the boy was raped at a Victoria youth training centre.

The inquiry looked into sexual abuse at the training centre leading up to the 1990s. It heard that many boys were raped, and others were given intrusive medical procedures.

One victim was raped by boys during the 1970s in Turana, and when he complained to a staff member, he was sent to have electric shock treatment.

The child sex abuse inquiry is ongoing.

Dr Peggy Dwyer, the counsel assisting the commission said the boy was labelled “bum boy” by other residents at the youth centre.

She said the boy, then 16, was told by a doctor: “You’re here because you’re a homosexual and we’re going to cure that with electric shock treatment.”

When he said he had been abused more by other residents, the doctor told him: “Well, we will need to up your dosage of electricity.”