Trans teen freezes eggs so he can father children in future

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Riley Middlemore has frozen his eggs before undergoing gender reassignment surgery – saying he hopes to become a ‘biolgical dad’ in the future.

Riley – who has to wait two years for a gender reassignment operation as he is only 16 – says he is freezing his eggs so he can be a father to his own children when he is older.

Mr Middlemore hopes to undergo gender reassignment surgery on the NHS when he is old enough to do so – but says that this will not stop him having a family of his own.

“I want to get married one day,” he told the Metro.

“I’ve always wanted a family and I love children,” the student from Gloucester said.

His mother admitted she initially struggled to accept Riley as trans – but said she just wanted him to be happy.

“When he told me he wanted to have a full sex change I was worried because it is such a major operation,” she said.

“But I just want him to be happy.”

Last week, a transgender man said he felt “blessed” to have been able to give birth, after revealing he put his transition on hold to enlarge his family.
Having lived as a man for three years, AJ Kearns postponed his physical transition in order to give birth to another child.

“So even though I knew I was a man and was quite comfortable with the fact that I was transgendered, I had to put the physical transition on hold whilst I gave birth,” he said.

Mr Kearns and his then-partner Zu White already had one child – but due to complications during the first birth, he decided to carry their second child.

“I understand my story may seem confusing. I see it as a simple thing. My body was blessed with the ability to provide life,” Mr Kearns said.