Moving new music video shows same-sex couples falling in love (VIDEO)

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A new video has been released featuring two same-sex dancing and kissing couples has been released.

Award winning musician and LGBT advocate Tom Goss has recently released the video for his new song, ‘Breath and Sound’, that tells the story of three couples, who meet – and fall in love – through a moving dance sequence.

‘Breath & Sound’ illustrates through lyrical dance that the act of falling in love and forming a relationship is the same for all couples – regardless of sexual orientation, gender or ethnicity.

Goss said that he wanted the LGBT community to feel as if the video was “telling their story. I want them to be moved.”

“That’s why I’m doing this. There isn’t enough LGBT content being produced,” he told The Huffington Post.

“Historically, people have been afraid to tell these stories – but I’m not.

“I will always use my voice to help tell the stories of those who cannot.”

However, he said that the video is not just for the LGBT community, saying he wants the video to help straight people “to understand the boundlessness of love.”

“There’s a reason the first verse focuses on the straight couple alone – that’s what [straight people] are used to seeing.

“I want straight people to be drawn into a familiar story, one they understand and relate to. Once there, I want to show them that this exact same story is being lived by the LGBT community,” he added.

“As a gay man, I don’t want special privilege. I just want to love – passionately, fearlessly and completely.”

Watch the full video below.