Pundit claims US military will now accept paedophiles and pig-f**kers

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A Christian pundit has claimed that the military now embraces paedophilia and bestiality – because LGBT soldiers are now welcome.

The military repealed ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ in 2011, allowing gay, lesbian and bisexual soldiers to serve openly for the first time. Transgender people remained banned – but the Pentagon is currently finalising proposals that would allow them to serve also.

However, right-wing Christian pundit David Barton claimed that due to the changes, paedophiles are welcome in the military.

Speaking to listed hate group the Family Research Council, he said: “There’s 82 official gender identities now and they all have equal status and protection here, so we’re talking paedophiles.

“If you’re a military member and you have an inclination for young children, you can’t be kicked out of the military for that anymore because that is your gender identity.

“If you are into having sex with animals, bestiality, that is one of the 82 gender identities, you cannot be kicked out for your lack of judgment and your very perverse taste on that.”

Republican Presidential wannabe Mike Huckabee recently claimed that allowing trans people in the military would turn it into a “social club”.

Speaking during the Presidential debate, he said: “Men are men, women are women. There’s a difference. The military should understand that.

“The military is not a social organization. The military is not a place where we try out experiments. The military is designed to kill people and break things.

“The purpose of the military is to train a fighting force to defend this country and to fight our battles.

“It’s not to fight the battles of sexual identity or orientation. It’s to fight the battles that threaten American sovereignty and American freedom.”