This Texas city just got its first gender identity clinic

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

El Paso, Texas just got its first gender identity clinic.

The Texas Tech University Health Services Center has opened the clinic under the guidance of Dr Hector Granados.

The paediatric endocrinologist works with trans children, as well as adults.

He said:  “We are in diapers when it comes to transgender care in the United States,” he said.

“Most of the information and what we know comes from the Netherlands where they have been taking care of transgender kids for almost three decades.”

The Children and Adolescent Gender Clinic, which helps teenagers, children and their families work through their gender dysphoria and through their transition.

“Gender identity disorder was classified as a mental disorder, which I believe is incorrect because being transgender is as normal as being gay or lesbian or heterosexual,” Granados said.

“There is nothing wrong with being heterosexual, it’s just more common, just like there’s nothing wrong with being transgender, it’s just less common.”