Watch: James Corden gets made over as a Barbie doll

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James Corden has been made over into Barbie – with the help of a YouTube make-up guru.

The Into the Woods star, who is making a name for himself in the US as the host of the Late Late Show, was ‘transformed’ during a segment with make-up artist Kandee Johnson.
The comedian gave Johnson free range to pick a transformation for him – and she opted to make him over as a Barbie doll, saying: “I think you look just like a Barbie doll!”

“You have the framework to look like Barbie! You have the blue eyes.”

He joked: “That’s something that no-one’s ever told me! I might look like Barbie up here, but down there I am all Ken.

“Thinking about it, that doesn’t work…”

He donned heavy make-up, a wig and lashes for the transformation – struggling with some painful eye makeup and a lip plumper.

After finishing the look, he joked: “I’ve slept with less better looking women than this. There is no doubt about that!”

The host recently discovered he is a “bear cub”, while campaigning to be the next Grand Marshall of LA Pride.

The host joked: “In the past Sharon Osbourne’s done it, Chelsea Handler’s done it… they’ve already got their Grand Marshall for this year, but I want to find out what I’ve got to do to be the Grand Marshall in 2016.”

Speaking to one of the organisers, Corden asked what gay subculture he would fall into, asking: “What am I, am I a bear?”

The Pride exec replied: “A bear cub” – suggesting he needs “another ten pounds” to make it to a fully-fledged bear.