Bad Bunny singing his heart out to Ariana Grande on Carpool Karaoke sends fans into frenzy

Bad Bunny and James Corden singing and gesturing passionately in the front of a car

Bad Bunny sang “Break Free” while playing Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and things will never be the same again.

The Grammy-winning Latin artist gave birth to the interesting cover while appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

After singing along to a few of his own songs, Corden informed the audience that Bad Bunny had chosen his favourite Ariana Grande song to sing along to.

Packed with dramatic hand gestures and passionate facial expressions, it was somehow everything we never knew we needed from the most-streamed artist in the world.

Perhaps the best part is when Bad Bunny began to explain: “I think this is the English song that I know the most lyrics for. I listen to English music I like but I never…”

We’ll never know what Bad Bunny never does, because as the chorus dropped he immediately returned to serving full Ariana realness.

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It left viewers gagged, with one correctly stating: “This is a moment for pop culture.”

Others deeply related to Bad Bunny giving it his all, saying: “No because why is this me. Especially the part where they were mid conversation and he had to sing his favourite part lmaoooo.”

Many are simply praising him for making the correct decision when it comes to who he stans.

“Bad Bunny being an Arianator is the coffee I needed in the morning. Today is gonna be a great day,” one person said.

Bad Bunny explains meaning behind his name

During the Carpool Karaoke segment, Bad Bunny also opened up about his start in the music industry, and why he goes by his stage name rather than his given name, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio.

“This first concept of the artist I wanted to be was [someone] who doesn’t reveal their identity,” he told James Corden.

“I wanted to use a mask because I never wanted to be so famous but then I just went with the flow and the mask lifted.

“A bad bunny, not matter how bad is still looking cute. That’s me, I’m a good guy, I’m cute!”

Bad Bunny also discussed opening the 2023 Grammy Awards. He admitted he almost missed the show, and was “freaking out” and “sweating” before arriving just in the nick of time because of “LA traffic”.

“I thought I had time to go home, work out, take a shower and go back and everything is going to be alright but I think I learned a big lesson,” he joked.

Bad Bunny went onto win a Grammy for the best Música Urbana Album with his 2022 release Un Verano Sin Ti.

His next big project sees him step into the role of executive producer for the TV adaption of YA TikTok book sensation They Both Die at the End by Adam Slivera.