Vile Twitter trolls compare Muslim drag queens to ISIS, say they should be killed

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The subjects of a Channel 4 documentary about Muslim drag queens have been compared to ISIS by Twitter trolls, who also said they should be killed.

The trolls took to Twitter last night as the documentary aired for the first time on Channel 4.

Muslim Drag Queens followed the stories of the UK’s ‘first out Muslim drag queen’ Asifa Lahore, who tried to raise awareness of the gay Asian and gay Muslim communities.

However, despite messages of support and compassion from some users, many took to Twitter to vent hatred, saying Islam and being gay, or a drag queen, do not mix.

One Twitter user wrote: “These Muslim drag queens are as much Muslim as ISIS are , FFs #MuslimDragQueens.”

Various invoked the story of Lut (Lot), comparing the drag queens in the documentary to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, which were destroyed, suggesting that they should be killed, or allow themselves to be killed.


Many rejected the concept, and would not entertain any kind of debate on the issue.


Lahore tweeted at the end of the programme to thank viewers for support and that he and his family were safe.


The documentary, narrated by Sir Ian McKellen, focussed on 33-year old Asif Quaraishi/Asifa Lahore, 28-year old British Pakistani Imran/Zareena Khan and 22-year old Ibrahim.

However, young filmmaker Kieran Yates – who released separate short film Muslim Drag Queens in January, also featuring Asifa Lahore – was not impressed with the documentary, and slammed Channel 4 on the announcement of its release.