Fans praise ‘fabulous’ drag queens’ debut on Blind Date, saying they ‘should be a weekly thing’

Fans have praised Channel 5’s Blind Date after it featured drag queens for the first time on Saturday night (July 28) – in an entertaining episode filled with innuendos, fighting, and jokes.

The dating game show – hosted by Paul O’Grady – saw single criminologist Luke choosing a blind date with one of three drag queens: Shyanne O’Shea from Essex, Trampagne from Portsmouth, and Anna Phylactic from Manchester.

And the show proved a hit, with one fan writing on Twitter that drag queen contestants “should be a weekly thing! Absolutely fabulous love it!”

Another fan posted on social media: “F***ing loving blind date, well done for showing diversity in dating.”

And one Twitter user simply said: “Bring back the drag queens.”

The show was packed with plenty of catty moments, including a clip (watch below) where Luke asks Anna Phylactic why she stands out from the other two contestants

She responds by saying that there is a mural of her face in Manchester, adding: “But if these two had their faces painted on a wall, I’m sure the council would demolish them.”

In the end, Luke picked Shyanne O’Shea as his date, and the pair will go to Somerset to see if there is any chemistry between them.

Blind Date shows a single person picking from three dates, who they can’t see because they are sat behind a screen.

Host O’Grady also got involved in the drag theme, wearing a leopard fur coat that channeled his alter ego Lily Savage.

However, some fans were disappointed that O’Grady didn’t dress in full drag, with one Twitter user writing: “Wee bit sad Lilly didn’t make an apperance. But still love my idol mr Paul O’Grady.”

Following the announcement that drag queens would appear on the show, O’Grady said: “I’m so happy that we have included drag queens on this series of Blind Date. It’s about time – it is 2018 after all!! Having been a drag artiste myself I’m very proud to be part of this Blind Date first!”

Anna Phylactic recently took part in a drag protest against US president Donald Trump’s visit to the UK in central London. 

In January, the show featured the former Mr Gay UK, who became the first gay man to attempt to find love on the show.

Nightclub host Joni from Newcastle held the Mr Gay England title in 2016, and is appeared on the show after “not being hit on, being dumped and getting divorced.”

Joni, 28, secured the title for helping support young LGBT people suffering from mental health problems, as well as preventing young suicides in the community.



And in July 2017, coinciding with Pride in London, Blind Date featured its first lesbian singleton, 29-year old Alice, who got to choose to go on a date with one of three women. 

Stonewall praised the re-booted show when it returned to screens in 2017 – having been cancelled in 2003 – for including  LGBT+ contestants.

Anna Phylactic on Blind Date. (Blind Date, Saturday at 8pm on Channel 5)

A Stonewall spokesperson previously said: “We’re thrilled to see Blind Date welcome its first lesbian, gay and bi contestants – and just in time for Pride season.

“These demonstrations of inclusion are really welcomed by the community and show how far society – and lesbian, gay, bi and trans representation in the media – has come.

“Hopefully, we’ll see even more shows follow Blind Date’s lead, improving representation of LGBT people and helping viewers across Britain gain a better understanding of the diversity of the LGBT community.”