This Pride event is going ahead despite vile homophobic leaflets

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A Pride event in Kent is going ahead just days after a campaign to stop it handed out homophobic leaflets.

The event, in Margate, Kent, is taking place today.


Earlier this week, leaflets which urge householders not to support a LGBT Pride even were distributed.

The homophobic leaflet – which was delivered through the letterboxes of hundreds of homes – urged residents to stay away from the Margate Pride Parade.

In an inspired play on words, the leaflet also promised that “Margate will never be MarGAYte”.

It also seemingly links homosexuality with paedophilia – issuing a call for residents to “save yourself and your children”.

The highly offensive note has been derided by many in the local community, and is expected to attract a healthy turnout.

Update: Kent Police have confirmed that, although it has received complaints about the leaflet, the person who originally posted the photo on social media has not come forward.