This couple has something important to tell the clerk who can’t stop discriminating against gays

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A clerk who is continually refusing to marry gay couples in the US may be in for a surprise when she hears what this couple has to say.

Kim Davis, a County Clerk from Rowan County, turned away David Moore and David Ernold two weeks ago, after being instructed by a federal court to stop discriminating.

She was previously caught on camera refusing to provide another marriage licence, and claims that her religious belief means she can’t honour the licences.

Trans man Camryn Colen and his pansexual wife Alexis applied for a marriage licence with Davis in February – and she complied.

Davis apparently did not know that Colen is trans, and that Alexis is pansexual, when she issued the marriage licence.

Colen told Buzzfeed News that Davis “needs to understand that love is love no matter who it is: gay, straight, black, or white.

“She saw me and my wife come in as what she thought was just a straight couple that were in love and wanted to get married. Why can’t others be seen like that?”

Dozens of protesters yesterday showed up at the courthouse, but Davis never turned up to open up.

After being sued by a gay couple who said they should not have to drive to another country to find a clerk who will marry them – the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals last week refused to intervene in a previous ruling that Davis should stop discriminating.

Now, Davis is seeking permission from America’s highest court, through an emergency order, which would allow her to continue discriminating against gay and lesbian couples.

The protesters showed up before the courthouse was due to open on Saturday, but after 9am passed – the scheduled opening time – no staff showed up.

So far no marriage licenses have been issued to same-sex couples at Rowan County.

Despite calls from the plaintiffs to resign over the issue, Davis said she has no intention to, and on Friday she asked the Supreme Court to intervene, and to allow her to continue discriminating.

She claims her religious beliefs stop her from issuing the marriage licences, and previously said she “fasted and prayed” before refusing to issue the first marriage licence.