What Kate Winslet did will make everyone feel confident

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Kate Winslet has posed for a photo without any make-up – inspiring thousands to challenge body negativity.

The Titanic star posed for a photo without a stitch of make-up in an effort to take down critics of women’s age and beauty.


The photo was taken by renowned photographer Chuck Close for Vanity Fair last year – though it has resurfaced this week on Facebook.

A post that was not written by Winslet urged people “to put up a zero makeup photo” to “embrace who you are”, and “let [bullies] know that you don’t give a damn about the negatives and you chose not to be a victim to those bullies who make fun of others based on appearances, race, gender, etc.”

It has helped inspire thousands to tackle gender negativity, with many women posting their own ‘no make-up’ photos.

Though the advice did not come from Winslet, it is definitely something she would say.

The star previously recalled an amazing exchange with her son, when he asked what would happen if he were gay, aged seven.


She said: “I like the diversity that my children are exposed to every day. I love the way their brains work. Joe turns to me the other day and says, ‘One day, I will have a girlfriend. But I might have a boyfriend. If I’m gay.’ He’s 7!

“And I said, ‘You might have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, darling.’ And he said, ‘Which would you prefer?’ And I said, ‘My love, that would be entirely up to you, and it doesn’t make any difference to me.’ But that he knows! It’s a real privilege. Talk about the best education.”