The queerest moments from Reneé Rapp’s Coachella set, from The L Word cast to kissing Towa Bird

From being introduced by the cast of the The L Word to kissing her rumoured girlfriend Towa Bird, here are the queerest moments from Reneé Rapp‘s set at Coachella.

Mean Girls star Reneé Rapp, who “hard-launched” herself as a lesbian on Saturday Night Live in January, has made it very clear that she is, in fact, a lesbian.

The “Snow Angel” singer and former Sex Lives of College Girls star had previously described herself as bisexual, and had sung about being in relationships with both men and women.

But during the “Entertainment Tonight Lip-Readers” segment on Saturday Night Live on 20 January, she was casually introduced by Saltburn star Jacob Elordi as the “little lesbian intern”.

At Coachella, though, Rapp proved she’s no intern: she’s pop’s new lesbian CEO.

“Can a gay girl get an Amen?”

Reneé Rapp always knows how to put on a show and her Coachella set proved a memorable gig.

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter rose to fame starring as Regina George in the Broadway musical Mean Girls.

She reprised the role in the 2024 film of the same name and contributed to its soundtrack with the banger ‘Not My Fault’ featuring Megan Thee Stallion.

Singing that song live, Rapp shouts: Can a gay girl get an ‘Amen?’” In a state of worship over Rapp’s talent and all-black flowing outfit, the Coachella crowd responded with yells of “Amen!”

The lesbian icon and ‘Pretty Girls’ hitmaker beamed at the sheer volume of the response. 

Introduced by the cast of The L Word

Before she even stepped on stage, Reneé Rapp’s set was a highlight of 2024.

Actors Jennifer Beals, Kate Moenning, Leisha Hailey and creator Ilene Chaiken from the lesbian drama The L Word introduced the former Sex Lives of College Girls star.

“You might know us from a little show called The L Word,” they yelled as the audience met the surprise introduction with screams.

The show ran from 2004 to 2009 and Rapp has shared her love for the drama countless times. The L Word follows the intertwined lives of a group of lesbians and bisexuals in Los Angeles as they hook up, date and break up.

Disses P Diddy in Kesha ‘TikTok’ duet

The L Word stars weren’t the only icons Reneé Rapp welcomed onto stage with her, a surprise cameo of Kesha proved to be the pinnacle tier of guests. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, this I think is the hottest person on the Earth,” Rapp said halfway through her set. “Put your f***ing hands together for Kesha!”

Kesha then strutted on stage – wearing a white tank top with the words ‘I am mother’ and a pair of short jorts – and joined Rapp for a reworked version of her 2010 smash hit ‘TiK ToK.’

The reworked lyrics were aimed at rapper and music mogul P Diddy. “Wake up in the mornin’ feelin’ like f**k P Diddy! Grab my glasses, I’m out the door, I’m gonna hit this city,” they sang, holding up their middle fingers.

P Diddy has been the subject of a series of allegations including those from lawsuits from Diddy’s former partner, Casandra Ventura. 

Ventura accused him of a pattern of abuse including rape, trafficking, beating women, and forcing her into “unwanted sexual encounters with male sex workers.”

Gay people raise your hands

It’s not a Reneé Rapp show if she’s not shouting out to the queers in the crowd.

“Gay people raise your hands,” she called out under the Californian sun. The response was the majority of the crowd raising their arms to the sky.

Rapp followed this up with: “Straight people who were dragged here, how are you doing?”

“Yeah, what’s that like?” she teasingly added while the livestream showed an image of a poster reading: “ur my boyfriend’s fav lesbian.”

Rapp came out as a lesbian in January of this year after previously describing herself as bisexual, having sung about being in relationships with both men and women

Kisses rumoured girlfriend Towa Bird

Reneé Rapp and Towa Bird are giving sapphic power couple! Rapp hard launches her partner on the red carpet at the Vanity Fair afterparty following The Academy Awards in March.

While crediting her band for performing alongside her during the Coachella set, Rapp took the time to give Bird some special attention. 

“Everybody give it up for Towa,” Rapp cheered before making her way across the stage and seemingly planting a kiss on Bird. 

Rapp finishes the track ‘Tummy Hurts’ with her arms around Bird as they both sing the final lines.

“renee rapp and towa bird at coachella being out and proud together, makes me so happy,” one fan posted with a clip of the pair.