Here is the Kim Davis meme to end all Kim Davis memes

Since avowed bigot Kim Davis first showed up with her continued refusals to allow gay couples the right to marry, the internet has responded wonderfully.

Davis was released from jail earlier this week after spending time behind bars for contempt of court.

The clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky, made international news when she defied a string of court orders by refusing to grant marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples, despite issuing marriage licenses being a large part of her job.

The Attorney General for Kentucky Jack Conway, has told reporters that Davis will nor be investigated by a special prosecutor for misconduct

PinkNews last week shared a number of Kim Davis memes which took the internet by storm, particularly around Davis’ arrest.

More and more memes have gone up, even as Davis plans to return to work.

Many have questioned why Davis, who it was today announced will not be investigated for misconduct, can get away without issuing the marriage licences, which makes up a large part of her job.

This Gillian Anderson X-Files meme, pretty much sums it up:


Touché, also:




Case closed.