Real London men show their bodies in the 2016 ‘Brief Moments’ calendar

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The 2016 Brief Moments calendar is here, and shows London men with ‘real bodies’ to raise money for charity.

The calendar, now in its second year of existence, raises money for the Sutton LGBT Forum.


Sutton LGBT Forum was founded in 2012 as a charity to help the gay community in the London Borough of Sutton and the surrounding area.

It aims to provide a safe place for LGBT young people to come together and meet new people.

In addition, it runs educational workshops on subjects like bullying, depression, low self esteem, sexual education and staying safe.

One of the calendar’s organisers Mark Martinez last year said he was inspired to help the forum, as he attended a gay youth group when he was a teenager, and that he was dismayed to see anti-LGBT attacks still taking place today.


Zac, a straight ally, poses for the calendar for the first time

This year’s calendar also features straight ally Zac, who agreed to pose for the calendar.

Some of the images were too steamy to show on PinkNews, but the full calendar will be available to buy on the Sutton LGBT Forum website soon.