Evan Rachel Wood: I’m still bisexual, no matter who I’m with

Evan Rachel Wood has again spoken out about bisexual awareness.

The actress took to Twitter to explain that, whether she is with a man or a woman, she is still bisexual.

She wrote: “Actually I am divorced with a son and no matter who I am with I am #stillbisexual,” Evan told a Twitter user.

“I can assure you that whatever “straight privilege” I sometimes get accused of having, gets erased by #biphobia.

“Remember, bisexuality doesn’t mean halfway between gay or straight. It is its own identity.”

Wood has been open about her bisexuality, and spit up with Jamie Bell last year after 19 months of marriage. She was previously engaged to Marilyn Manson.

She went on: “I think in some cases people don’t want to be labelled because they are ashamed to be bisexual. And this needs to stop

“I have battled with myself most of my life because I wasn’t gay or straight enough. I used to think I would never be happy. #biphobia

“I had to go through the same panic and shame and depression a lot of people in the LGBT community go through

“– but when I came out a new found shame took over. Bi-shame. Feeling like people are judging you all over again but for different reasons,” she recalled.

The True Blood actress previously revealed that she “cried so hard” when she came out as bisexual to her mother.

Wood, who came out as bisexual in 2011, said she was “terrified” of her bisexuality as a child because no one had explained or discussed it with her.