This guy expertly trolled these bigots who hated on rainbow Doritos

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

This guy had the best response to trolls who had a sour taste left in their mouth when Doritos launched an LGBT-positive rainbow edition.

Doritos last week unveiled a special rainbow-coloured edition, including multi-coloured tortilla chips, as part of the brand’s partnership with the It Gets Better.


The new Doritos come in the different bright colours of the Pride flag – red, orange, green, blue and purple.

The crisps were only available via a $10 donation to It Gets Better, and are not available in shops – but after the campaign went viral online, they quickly sold out.

Lots of former Doritos fans took to social media to express their distaste at the gesture by Frito-Lay.

Mike Melgaard, who earlier this year responded as ‘Target’, after the store stopped separating toys based on gender, has now posed as Doritos, trolling the trolls in the best way.

Below is a selection of Melgaard’s best responses to people who couldn’t deal with the rainbow chips: 

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