Kim Davis insists she won’t quit over same-sex marriage

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Adamantly bigoted Kentucky clerk Kim Davis has said she will not quit over the issue of same-sex marriage.

The Rowan County clerk, who has already spent five days in jail for contempt of court after refusing to issue marriage licences to gay couples, spoke to Fox News host Megyn Kelly this week.

She said she would not resign, and that she will return to jail if necessary.

“Whatever the costs… If I resign, I lose my voice,” she said.

Meanwhile, Davis had her latest request appeal denied – she had asked for a delay before the ruling that she stop interfering with her deputies issuing marriage licences to gay couples.

Judge David Bunning, who jailed Davis for contempt, denied the appeal on Tuesday.

In this week’s interview, Davis reiterated her claim that her religion means she can’t issue the marriage licences.

“It’s a heaven or hell issue for me,” she said. “It’s a fight worth fighting for.”

Going on, she said she had received support, but also “vile stuff in the mail.”

“So you have millions of Christians that object to this same-sex marriage issue, are their rights not worth anything?” she added.

If you really want to, the interview is available to watch below: