Guard caught making out with a prisoner, quits immediately… obviously

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A corrections officer has been caught making out with a prison inmate, and for obvious reasons quit straight away.

The unnamed corrections officer in New York was noticed in a “romantic embrace” by fellow officer during a tour of Tompkins County Jail.


After being discovered, the officer resigned immediately.

“We weren’t going to hesitate or drag our feet on this,” Sheriff Ken Lansing said, speaking to The Ithaca Voice.

“He was out the door in five minutes or less.”

Lansing went on: “He was a good corrections officer; we never had any complaints against him… He did his job; he was a very caring person and he always volunteered, and did extra things for people … he came here and he worked hard.”

The Tompkins County District Attorney Gwen Wilkinson has said the incident may result in a criminal offence.


She is currently looking into the siutation, as prisoners cannot legally give consent.

“Under the law, kissing is sex,” she told The New York Daily News.