Prison guard who cruelly mocked suicidal trans inmate and said he wanted to be fired has his wish come true

Transgender woman allegedly sexually assaulted in men’s prison

A corrections worker has reportedly been fired from the Vermont Department of Corrections because of a vile Facebook post mocking a suicidal trans inmate.

According to Vermont outlet VTDigger, James Frank was fired over a post reading: “HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY from the communist haven of VT.

“Have to go in [to work] four hours early to sit and watch a he she who wants to hurt/kill self.

“So sick of the liberall bulls**t. I think it’s just a p***y that won’t do it anyway and needs attention.”

In the post, the guard reportedly added that he hoped he would be fired so he could “take their money and benefits, like the f’in freeloaders we watch”.

He has since apologised and blamed the post on drinking a “large amount of alcohol”.

After his dismissal, the worker was “temporarily placed on a leave with pay” so that the department could conduct a full investigation.

Corrections worker’s appeal denied.

Frank appealed his termination through the Vermont union that represents correctional workers. It argued he had been fired without “just cause” and his right to free speech should be protected under the First Amendment.

The department denied his appeal. The investigation went on for over a year due to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and an illness that Frank had.

Frank reportedly told the investigator: “I don’t have a problem with the way a person lives their life. But I don’t ram it down your neck… I don’t want it jammed down mine.”

Trans prisoners have long faced issues within the incarceration system. Many are placed in prisons that don’t align with their gender and face abuse because of this.

Earlier this year, a trans prisoner won a settlement to secure the right to be incarcerated as the correct gender in New York. However most US states do not have policies to ensure trans prisoners are incarcerated in prisons that align with their gender.

Last year, 25 corrections workers in Illinois were found to be posting transphobic comments online. The department introduced a two-hour mandatory staff training on transgender care as a result.