Ministry of Defence accused of covering up UFO investigation

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The Ministry of Defence has been accused of covering up investigations into UFO sightings.

Telegraph boss and Tory peer Lord Black of Brentwood has said the MoD should come clean about the spate of sightings of UFOs in Pembrokeshire in the 1970s.

UFO once

During that time, a number of objects, believed to be UFOs, were spotted in an area which became known as the Broad Haven Triangle.

At one incident, 14 pupils at a primary school all drew very similar pictures of one of the objects.

Lord Black, who has had an interest in UFOs for some time, said: “A number of recently released Ministry of Defence files leave little doubt that a small number of sightings of aerial phenomena – particularly by military personnel, pilots and air traffic controllers – remain unexplained and unidentified.

“There needs to be further examination of these issues in the hope of learning something new.”

In addition, Neil Spring, an author, has investigated several of the sightings as research for his new book ‘The Watchers’.

He came across a document which suggested that a secret investigation at Broad Haven had taken place.

Neil Spring

The novelist, known for ‘The Ghost Hunters’, said the document suggested politicians were unaware that the investigation took place.

“I visited Broad Haven a sceptic, and came away convinced that some of the locals knew far more about the mysterious occurrences of 1977 than they are willing to reveal,” said New.

Neil Spring2

The letter is now declassified, and came from the head of the S4 wing of the MoD. It was sent to the Provost and Security Service.

An official expressed surprise in the letter that many otherwise “level headed” witnesses had reported the UFO sightings.