Sherlock Holmes to be played by a woman?

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The writers of the hit TV show have hinted that the legendary detective may not always be portrayed by a man.

Steven Moffat may be used to discussing a certain Time Lord’s possible gender swap – but this weekend, he said that he thinks Sherlock Holmes could be played by a woman in the future.

Sherlock Holmes to be played by a woman?

Despite clarifying that he is more than happy with the current incarnation of the character – played by Benedict Cumberbatch – Moffat made it clear that the idea of a female Sherlock Homes was one he had already considered.

“We would never do that because we’ve got our version,” he told Radio Times.

“But if someone wanted to do a quirky version of Sherlock Holmes and simply made Sherlock Holmes a woman – you wouldn’t even have to change the name, I don’t think you’d have to change much of the dialogue – I think it would fit.”

It would not be the first gender swap in Holmes history – Lucy Liu plays a female version of the sleuth’s companion – Dr Joan Watson – in US TV reimagining Elementary.

In addition, Moffat was quick to remind the audience that he had already showed his support for the idea of a lady Sherlock in his other show, when he created Doctor Who’s Silurian, gay sleuth Madam Vastra.

“There’s a character called Madam Vastra in Doctor Who who’s sort of a female, reptile, Sherlock Holmes,” said Moffat – who recently opened up about the character’s ambiguous sexuality.

“So I think it would work, because [Sherlock Holmes] doesn’t have any male or female or any kind of attributes that would limit that, so I think it would work.”

Moffat’s comments come after actress Rebecca Root said she wants to be the first transgender Time Lord.

Sherlock Holmes to be played by a woman?

The actress has also revealed that every time she sees the Doctor Who showrunner, she asks him when he’s going to give her control of the iconic blue phone box.

“I know Steven actually and every time I see him I say… ‘aaaand..?’— but the Scottish guy’s got it at the minute hasn’t he,” she joked – referring to the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

Asked what kind of Doctor she would be, Root said: “A brilliant one! Is Steven Moffat around?”