Your boss is more likely to be gay than you are

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People in managerial roles are far more likely to identify as gay, new data reveals.

The news comes from the UK’s Office for National Statistics, which released data this week from the Integrated Household Survey, which asked thousands of adults across the UK about their sexuality.

Across the UK, the ONS says that 1.6 percent identify as LGB, with 1.1 percent of the population identifying themselves as gay or lesbian, and 0.5 percent identifying as bisexual.

The survey also surprisingly found that people’s level of employment seemed to correlate with likelihood to identify as LGB.
Your boss is more likely to be gay than you are

Looking at adults in managerial and professional roles, an above-average 2.1 percent identified as LGB, compared to 1.3 percent of those in intermediate roles, and 1.4 percent of those in routine and manual occupations.

It found that 92.8 percent of people still identify as heterosexual when only given the labels to choose from – despite a survey finding earlier this year that nearly half of young people do not rank themselves ‘exclusively heterosexual’ when asked to put themselves on a numbered scale of sexuality.
Your boss is more likely to be gay than you are

Other data showed that people who live in London are over twice as likely to identify as LGB compared to those in Scotland.