This woman got fired for the way she looks 30 mins after getting a job

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This woman got a shock when she was fired thirty minutes after getting her dream job, just for how she looks.

Claire Shepherd thought she had landed her dream job as a retail merchandiser at shopping logistics company Dee Set.


However, after she was offered the job, she enquired about a policy which states that all tattoos must be covered up.

Since Shepherd has a large, intricate tattoo on one of her hands, she enquired about whether the policy would take effect.

According to the post, she was then told she could not have the job, as her tattoo may “cause offence”.

She wrote on Facebook: “I got a new job today! And then I got sacked within half an hour….

“I had a telephone interview today with Dee Set for a retail merchandiser and was happy when at the end of the phone call she told me I had the position and would be starting next week.

“The company then sent me an e-mail with their dress standards. As I read it I was gutted as they noted that all tattoos must be covered up as they are likely to cause offence.”

She continued: “I have 6 years previous experience in managerial roles and my tattoos have never been an issue. That is until I applied for a role with Dee Set that work with Tesco, Asda, Boots and other chains.

“I was shocked when they replied and said they would no longer be employing me as I would not be able to cover my tattoos.”


She said she was “perfect” for the role.

After Dee Set saw the Facebook post had gone viral, Shepherd was re-offered the position, which she declined. She has since taken a post at B & M.

Dee Set Chief Operating Officer Greg Phillips said in a statement: “Deeset is a progressive, equal opportunity employer and recognises this error in process during our peak recruitment period.

“We have explained to Claire that the job offer remains, we are currently recruiting all over the UK and we welcome all with the right skill set to join our growing team of retail experts.”

Since the Facebook post went viral, Shepherd has said she hopes it will highlight discrimination faced by those with tattoos.