Bond star Ben Whishaw ‘baffled’ by debate over gay actors

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Ben Whishaw has said he is ‘baffled’ about a debate over actors revealing their sexuality.

The actor – who has a high-profile roleas Q in the James Bond films – spoke after Matt Damon sparked a debate on the issue.

Damon had suggested that Rupert Everett was less able to get successful straight roles after he came out – but later clarified he did not mean actors should stay in the closet:

Speaking at a screening of his new drama London Spy, out actor Ben Whishaw did not seem enthused by the row.

The actor told BT: “The Matt Damon thing, it has probably been taken out of context but I don’t understand the heat around it.

“It feels like a story that’s trying to be drummed up, even though there are more important things we should be talking about.”

He added of the entire subject:  “With gay characters being played by straight people, straight characters being played by gay people… come on, we’re actors!
Bond star Ben Whishaw ‘baffled’ by debate over gay actors
“I do not understand what the problem is. Actors play all sorts of things. I’ve played murderers, journalists and kings – I’m not any of them.

“The whole thing is a fiction, it’s about imagination, it’s play. I am baffled to why it’s such a big thing.

“And also, I’m baffled because it feels like we’re in a time where there are lots of gay people, not just actors but in all walks of life, and let’s be where we are. We’re human beings and I don’t understand why it’s really a discussion now.”