Justin Bieber has been offered $1m to do WHAT with his penis?!

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Pop star Justin Bieber must receive some strange request being in the limelight, but this one is one of the most strange.

If ‘Clone-A-Willy’, had their way, everyone would be able to buy a little piece of Justin.

The company which allows users to make a sex toy out of their own genitals, has offered the ‘Baby’ star $1 million to make a cast of his penis.

Justin Bieber has been offered $1m to do WHAT with his penis?!

The company wrote to Bieber’s commercial agent in response to naked photos of the star taken whilst he was on holiday, having been leaked.

Many have condemned the photographer for taking the photos with a long lens, as an invasion of his privacy.

Read the letter: “Justin Bieber, he’s popular, talented and now as the entire world knows… quite well-endowed. You can only imagine… a huge billboard of Justin Bieber and ‘Clone-A-Willy’ in West Hollywood. It would surely do wonders to help promote his new album and certainly wouldn’t hurt his ‘dating’ life.”

They added:”We know that Justin is a big celebrity and our offer is commiserate [sic] with someone of his enormous stature. We are offering Mr. Bieber a million dollars to endorse ‘Clone-A-Willy.’”

The company’s DIY kit allows users to create “a vibrating silicone replica of any penis in the comfort of your own home.”

Bieber is unlikely to go for the offer, given that he said he felt “super violated” when the nude photos leaked.

Clone-A-Willy may need to up its offer, anyway, as leading porn actor Johnny Rapid offered the star $2 million to shoot a scene with him.