Homophobes wanted to boycott these pro-gay companies… their profits went up

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A month on from a proposed boycott of certain pro-LGBT brands, profits are up…

The perpetually aggravated One Million Moms and Fox Host Todd Starnes called for boycotts of FritoLay/PepsiCo over a pro-LGBT campaign.

The campaign in question was rainbow Doritos, which sold out within 24h after going on sale. The brand wanted to send a pro-LGBT message.


According to reports, PepsiCo profits are up 10% in the past month, since the boycott was called.

JoeMyGod reports that Doritos sales are up by 3% specifically.

So we guess its back to the drawing board for One Million Moms, which also got annoyed at a soup ad featuring same-sex couples and Star Wars.

Campbell’s Soup launched an adorable new ad campaign earlier this month, to celebrate their ‘Star Wars’ edition soup.

Meanwhile Starnes went on a spectacular anti-gay rant, saying Chick-fil-A restaurants are “the official chicken of Jesus.”