Judge tells burglar he will ‘probably be raped every day’ in prison

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A judge has told a criminal he would be “raped every day” and be somebody’s “bitch” if he was incarcerated.

20-year-old Isaiah Gay was convicted for a series of robberies he committed two years ago.

In an attempt to explain the reasoning behind his past actions, Mr Gay told Judge Christina Argyres that he did it “all because I was impulsive.”

He went on to apologise for his actions, and asked the judge not to send him to prison, as he had moved on and was no longer criminally inclined.

However, the judge made a shocking threat – telling him he will face sexual assault every day.

She asked: “Do you know what would happen to a young and dumb person in prison?”

“I would probably get beat up, I guess. I probably…” he answered.

“You would probably be raped every day, number one. You probably would be beat up every other day.

“You’re a young guy and the trauma that that would cause you, you’ll never get that out of your head.”

The judge’s comments were made public after a transcript of the trial was released to the press.

While some have criticised the judge’s heavy-handed, stereotyping of the prison system, others have praised her use of scare tactics – with some arguing she is only speaking the truth.

After the conversation, she eventually ordered Gay to serve a 5 year probation period. If he reoffends during this time he would be immediately sent to prison for anything up to 15 years.

During sentencing, the judge reiterated her sexual assault predication.

“You know, State, with regards to, do we send him to prison?

“Again, he’s going to be somebody’s – I hate to use the word ‘bitch’, but that’s exactly what’s going to be.”

Earlier this year, a corrections officer was forced to quit his job after being caught making out with a prison inmate.

The unnamed corrections officer in New York was noticed in a “romantic embrace” by fellow officer during a tour of Tompkins County Jail.