Matt Bomer pleas for people to vote for Houston LGBT rights law

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Two high profile gay actors have lent their backing to an LGBT rights law in Houston, that is heading to a public vote.

The city of Houston has faced a protracted battle over the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance – which provides basic protections for LGBT workers.

A ballot on the law will be held tomorrow, but opponents have scaremongered over provisions for trans people – claiming the law will let sex offenders into women’s bathrooms.

Ahead of the vote, two prominent Houstonians have voiced their support for the Houston Equal rights Ordinance (HERO).

White Collar star Matt Bomer has joined the Human Rights Campaign and asked his fans via twitter to donate to the campaign, whilst also appearing on YouTube explaining why he supports the ordinance.

The out actor said: “I’m an actor, a parent, a husband and a Houstonian. I was raised with the belief that everyone deserves to be treated equally.

“These are the same values I grew up with in Houston, and they’re the same values that I try to teach my kids. Please join me in supporting the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.”


Emmy-winning Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons has also voiced his support, calling for his home town to vote yes on Proposition 1.
Matt Bomer pleas for people to vote for Houston LGBT rights law

The city of Houston in Texas will vote on whether they should keep their equal rights ordinance that protects LGBT people from discrimination. The vote was called after a successful petition by various anti LGBT groups lead to a Texas supreme court ruling calling for HERO to be suspended or put up for public vote.

Opponents of the ordinance have united under the name Campaign for Houston and have focused their campaign on the provision for transgender equal rights, their most prominent campaign slogan being “No men in women’s bathrooms” and releasing a video claiming that sex offenders could use the ordinance to gain access to children. Supporters of the Campaign for Houston include the owner of NFL Houston Texans and former Houston Astros player Lance Berkman.