Indian broadcasting council slams Grey’s Anatomy for ‘homosexual encounter’

The Indian government labelled the scene as both “obscene and vulgar”.

Indian TV channel Star World has been issued a notice from the country’s broadcasting council for screening an episode of Grey’s Anatomy it accuses of “denigrating women” by screening a “homosexual encounter.”

The industry-lead Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) issued the notice after the ministry of information and broadcasting labelled the medical drama “obscene and vulgar”.

The scene in questions features a lesbian doctor talking about her failure to stimulate her partner sexually. The notice says that Star World should have censored the scene.

The popular American show has a long and proud history of featuring LGBT characters and storylines.

Last year the shows creator Shonda Rhimes hit back at a fan who complained about ‘gay scenes’ in her TV shows, telling them that if they don’t like gay scenes then they shouldn’t watch the show.

This is not the first time the Indian government has voiced its consternation at LGBT content in the media, going so far as to ban Dragon Age Inquisition, a video game that featured a prominent gay character, from release in the country.

India made the shock move to recriminalise gay sex in a shock ruling two years ago.

Despite the government’s ruling, there is still support for gay people in the country with India’s  biggest political party supporting decriminalising homosexuality once again.

Earlier this year, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon criticised India’s gay sex ban, saying it is “intolerant”.