Bolivian president apologises after bizarre lesbian comments

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The President of Bolivia has apologised after apparently causing offence by suggesting that his health minister might be a lesbian.

Evo Morales, who has been accused of making offensive comments before, apologised yesterday after attempting at a joke at the expense of his health minister.

Addressing Ariana Campero, he said: “I don’t want to think you’re a lesbian.”

According to AFP, he made the comment after seeing her speak to another woman whilst he was making a speech.

In a statement, the president said it was not his “intention to offend anyone”.

Having described himself as a “feminist” in the past, he defended himself against criticism.

He did so by saying: “Calling someone lesbian or gay is not an insult.”

This week was not the first time Morales has been accused of homophobia.

In 2010, he was forced to apologise after he suggested men eating chickens injected with female hormones would turn them gay.