Restaurant owner responds to homophobic review with epic put-down

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An Australian restaurant owner has responded to reviewers who complained about “rug munchers” in his venue.

Food bloggers ‘Burger Bun Day’ had posted a review of The Beaufort restaurant in Melbourne earlier this week.

While they rated the food highly – “8.5/10 – real tasty burger with floury buns, softer than a baby’s bum” – and praised the “dimly lit Texas saloon atmosphere”, the review took aim at the restaurant’s patrons.

The bloggers claimed: “Whilst waiting for two girls to finish using the pool table, one of the BBD members pointed out that they were probably ‘bean eating rug-munchers’ to which another member responded with genuine shock ‘I honestly thought that was a bloke’.”

The group’s #LAD #banter #antics did not go down well with the owner of the restaurant – who in true Aussie style sent a calm, measured and polite reply.

Oh wait, no he didn’t…

The restaurant owner actually replied: “Bit of casual racism and a dash of homophobia. F**king good review c**ts.

“We very rarely respond in this way, but seriously lads take your politically incorrect bulls*** elsewhere and untag.

“Politely go f**k yourselves, and have some respect. You’re grown ups that live in a metropolitan city not f**king patriots rioting in Bendigo.

“Pull your collective heads in idiots.”

The owners  added: “Look forward to you guys returning so we can serve you up a bag of fried dicks with some racist mayonnaise and some lesbian hating kosher salt.”

Check out the exchange in all its (profane, uncensored) glory:
Restaurant owner responds to homophobic review with epic put-down

After getting media attention, the bloggers have shut down their entire Instagram account.

Restaurant owner Dave Kerr admitted to sending the reply as he was upset that the group mocked his regular patrons.

He told the Mail: “I took it pretty personally… I just gave them the full breadth of my hatred for them in narrative form.”

“Homophobes kind of stand out and I think it’s an important display of hospitality to defend our customers.

“It wasn’t isolated for these guys and I’m happy to see they’ve taken the move to delete their account altogether.”
Restaurant owner responds to homophobic review with epic put-down
If that doesn’t make you want to tuck into a solidarity-burger, nothing will.