Teacher shares ‘adorable, rom com’ romance of two gay college students

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A teacher has shared the story of the touching romance between two of his students.

A teaching assistant has shared the story of how two of his students got together – a tale which he says is “better than a rom com.”

The unknown college worker – who originally shared the hilarious love story on imgur – says he grew suspicious when they both missed their final exams.

Teacher shares ‘adorable, rom com’ romance of two gay college students

“Student misses final. Emails me,” he writes.

“He says he forgot to plug in his phone and so his alarm didn’t go off. My heartstrings remain untugged, though he’s always been a good student so I don’t think he’s lying.

“Another student misses the final,” he continues.

“He and the first student always pal around but the first guy always gets his work done, unlike the second one.

“Start to put two and two together…”

The teacher says he had noticed that the two students had been spending a lot of time together, but thought is was “definitely just a bromance” – until he noticed their sudden shared taste in knitwear.

“How weird they’re both wearing turtlenecks when it’s not that cold outsi- OMG HICKIES. HICKIES FOR DAYS.”

He says that is when he finally realised that the pair were an item – although rather than punish them for missing class, he gave them a chance to make up the grades they missed.

“They tried to hold hands while skateboarding side by side. It failed and was adorable as f**k,” he continued.

Teacher shares ‘adorable, rom com’ romance of two gay college students

“I don’t even mind giving the make-up exam for unexcused absences, this is better than a romcom.”

However, he says this is partly because he takes credit for introducing the young lovebirds.

“They were inseparable during class. Not obnoxiously so; they didn’t distract any other students, but they were definitely always focused on each other and not on my lecture.

“So yeah now I guess I know why they slept in!” he wrote.

“They definitely hooked up and are now dating. They met in my class. Even though I did nothing, I take some credit for being a wingman.”