Nearly two thirds of Taiwan supports marriage equality, survey finds

A new poll has found a surge in support for same-sex marriage in Taiwan.

Results of a new poll have found that an overwhelming 71% of Taiwanese people support marriage equality – yet the government says it does not want to “rush” legalise same-sex marriage.

Over 200,000 people voted in the ministry of justice’s online poll – carried out between August and October in order to gage public opinion on the matter.

The results showed that 59% of respondents approve current planned legislation whereas 55% oppose the proposed ‘Same-sex Partnership Act’ – with 71% opting for full marriage equality instead.

Despite the overwhelming show of support for marriage equality, the ministry claims that “rushing legislation would result in social confrontation.”

Instead, they proposed a plan to introduce the legislation in “phases” – the first being the Same-sex Partnership Act.

The law – which is yet to be completed – aims to allow LGBT couples similar rights to heterosexual married couples.

Last year, an online poll revealed that 68% of the population supported same-sex marriage – meaning those supporting marriage equality in the country has increased.

Taiwan’s LGBT community have been campaigning for same-sex unions for years.

In July, thousands of supporters flooded the streets of Taipei in a bid to urge the government to change the country’s stance on the issue.

And although many welcome a law aimed at giving homosexuals legal protection, some activists have questioned the government’s decision to draft a completely new law, rather than make amendments to the current legislation.

“The fact that the government decided to set a new same-sex partnership law discriminates against homosexuals and it shows that homosexual couples are different from heterosexuals,” activist Chen Ling argued.

However, politicians from the country’s main parties have attempted to quash rumours that the change is simply an attempt to gain votes in the upcoming election and promised that the proposed changes will only strengthen the LGBT community’s place in Taiwanese society.