This anti-gay pastor is dressing as a woman to protest LGBT rights law

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A homophobic pastor has started dressing as a woman – to protest against LGBT rights.

Pastor Kenneth Adkins of Jacksonville, Florida, decided to protest the “homosexual agenda” behind a Human Rights Ordinance, which protects LGBT people from discrimination.

Citing a commonly-referenced scaremongering campaign, he claimed that LGBT rights laws let “men” into women’s bathrooms.

Writing on Facebook, he announced plans to disrupt the Duval Democratic Banquet, adding: “Miss Jane in her very short Red Dress will deliver a message to the Homosexuals that have taken over the Duval Democratic Party.

“I am gonna ‘pee’ next to your women in the women’s bathroom and let’s see how yall feel.”
This anti-gay pastor is dressing as a woman to protest LGBT rights law
The pastor posted a number of photos of himself in a wig alongside the message, picked up by Towleroad.

He claimed elsewhere that homosexuals had tracked black people into supporting anti-discrimination protections, writing: “Duval Black Democrats have very quiet about this issue because the Homosexuals have fooled them into thinking that Black Lives Matter.

“Trust me, they ain’t Marching for Black folks. I Got a Message for the Homosexuals: You Can Still Go To Hell!”

Annise Parker, the out mayor of Houston who faced a vicious campaign against an LGBT rights law in her city, had been due to speak at the gala.

She told Fox: “Anyone who would do that has no concept at all of what gender identity truly is and how hateful and hurtful that is.”

Despite his promise to protest at the event, Adkins did not actually surface.