Ab Fab movie wraps: Yet another celebrity cameo reavealed

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The last shots for the Ab Fab movie are in the can according to Jennifer Saunders.

She has tweeted that she has finished shooting for the film and all of her “…leg bones have fallen out.”

Ab Fab movie wraps: Yet another celebrity cameo reavealed

Rylan Clark-Neal, presenter of Big Brother’s Bit On the Side and serial reality show subject has also tweeted that he will be in the movie.

Ab Fab movie wraps: Yet another celebrity cameo reavealed

Ab Fab was already bursting at the seams with appearances from gay icons such as Joan Collins, Chris Colfer and Rebel Wilson.

And also nearly 100 drag queens.

It is unknown how Clark-Neal will appear in the film, or if he is playing himself.

The presenter originally made his name as the runner up on reality show Signed by Katie Price, and went on to come fifth in 2012’s X-Factor competition.

Since then he has had a successful television career where he has presented various shows around Big Brother, become the entertainment presenter on This Morning and has host Most Haunted Live.

Earlier this year he married his long time partner, ex-police officer Dan Neal, during a private ceremony.

The couple imposed a social media ban on the event to keep the affair private.

The stars of Ab Fab, Saunders and Joanna Lumley, have been keeping very busy outside of filming the movie. Last week they gatecrashed the British Fashion Awards and a few days later helped Stella McCartney turn on the Christmas lights at her London store.

The Ab Fab movie will be released in July 2016. Previously Saunders has said that “All the main characters and virtually everyone that’s ever been in the series” will be in the film.