Gay man stabbed after being imprisoned by controlling boyfriend

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The man was viciously attacked by his partner as he attempted to flee their home.

A Thai man is receiving urgent medical attention and another faces prison after a serious incident of domestic violence.

Suttipong Toolrat was stabbed by his lover, Phubet Patnee, over the weekend after Toolrat attempted to escape their home.

Gay man stabbed after being imprisoned by controlling boyfriend

The victim was attacked after he was finally able to flee the property in Pattaya – and his controlling and abusive relationship.

Local reports claim Patnee was “extremely jealous and controlling” of his partner, often subjecting him to emotional and physical abuse.

However, things got even worse for the victim after his boyfriend began locking Toolrat in his room when he left for home to go to work.

Fortunately, Toolrat was able to break out of their home, and was in the process of fleeing back to his hometown.

Things took a turn for the worse when Patnee caught up with his partner at a nearby bus station armed with a kitchen knife, before viciously attacking Toolrat in front of shocked onlookers.

Toolrat suffered extensive defensive wounds to his arms, before police rushed to the scene. Patnee fled, leaving both his weapon and his victim covered in blood at the bus station.

Police finally managed to convince the victim to testify against his attacker after his initially opted against pressing charges.

Thailand is famous for having a large and vibrant LGBT community, particularly trans and gender non-conforming people.

The law currently allows trans people to change their legal gender, but does not allow same-sex marriage.#

Pattaya itself is home to the largest LGBT entertainment area in the whole Asia, offering dance bars, strip clubs and live entertainment to a host of tourists every year.