This uncle thinks his niece’s school is pushing a ‘gender bender agenda’ (VIDEO)

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Pastor Daniel Erickson-Hull has joined his sister in criticising the school’s anti-bullying LGBT week.

The brother of a woman who has been heavily criticised for attacking her daughter’s school for promoting LGBT awareness has joined his sibling in attacking the school.

Anna Erickson-Hull – whose daughter attends the sixth-form at King Solomon in Redbridge – attacked a planned LGBT awareness week at the school.

Taking offence at the school’s plans, she took to take Facebook to vent her fury, posting a photo of the school’s custom rainbow flag with a red X mark over it.

This uncle thinks his niece’s school is pushing a ‘gender bender agenda’ (VIDEO)

“You cannot force this filth on children. It is not lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender week in my house,” she wrote.

“We will be serving the Lord as usual and NOT promoting sin so KS High School, you can keep your abomination badge.”

However, it seems that Ms Erickson-Hull is not the only member of her family to exhibit homophobic or transphobic beliefs.

Her brother, Daniel Erickson-Hull, went one step further than his sister, by posting a video accusing the school of having a “transgender gender bender agenda.”

He goes on to accuse the school of “forcing filth” on his niece and her fellow students at the school, before claiming that the school was threatening to punish students who did join in the week’s activities – something they vehemently deny.

In addition, Mr Erickson-Hull – otherwise known as Pastor D – contacted PinkNews to accuse the site and other media outlets – including The Jewish Chronicle and ITV – of “inciting hatred” and “launching a smear campaign” against his sister.

He says that before the story was published, his sister had received nothing but support for her comments as they represented “what every single Christian” believes.

In his latest video, he also labels PinkNews a “sodomite, filthy newspaper.”

The pastor – who leads the End Times News Ministry – has a history of anti-LGBT behaviour.

His YouTube channel includes videos claiming that same-sex marriage is “an abomination” and that homosexuality is hideous.

This uncle thinks his niece’s school is pushing a ‘gender bender agenda’ (VIDEO)

He has also claimed that the legalisation of same-sex marriage is “immoral” those who support should “pray for mercy”.

Watch his latest offering below.