Caitlyn Jenner faces third lawsuit over fatal car crash

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner faces a third lawsuit in relation to a car crash she was involved in this February.

The Wolf-Millesi family, five of who were in a Hummvee struck by a Lexus Jenner had crashed into, have filed a lawsuit.

The family say they were left with physical and emotional damage following the crash.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit alleges that “Jenner acted recklessly” for her part in the crash which left one person dead.

It said she was “driving at an unsafe speed for road conditions.”

One of the Wolf-Millesi family said in the lawsuit that they “suffered a severe cervical fracture that left her permanently disabled” and that another had suffered “severe nerve damage”.

A third person said they were subjected to “blunt force trauma”.

The filing, according to TMZ, goes on to say that a one-month old baby was also travelling in the vehicle, and was “not responding at the scene.”

The baby went on to receive hospital treatment and survived the crash.

The crash, involving four vehicles, took place on the Pacific Coast Highway, and left one woman, Kimberly Howe, dead.

No damages have been specified in the lawsuit, which is the third Jenner faces since the crash.

Earlier this year, the stepchildren of Kimberly Howe issued a wrongful death lawsuit against her, and an agent who was driving a second car said she suffered physical injuries.