Is Caitlyn Jenner set to be Donald Trump’s LGBT adviser?

Reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner has made a bold offer to Republicans on LGBT rights.

The ‘I Am Cait’ star has put herself out there offering to advise Republicans on LGBT rights issues.

The transgender celebrity has made no secretor her Republican roots, previously endorsing Ted Cruz to be their nominee.

Now she’s gone one step further and offered to advise the GOP, because they “need help”.

Is Caitlyn Jenner set to be Donald Trump’s LGBT adviser?

A source told People magazine: “Caitlyn has been a Republican all her life and she sees this as an opportunity to represent and defend the LGBTQ community within the party”.

Jenner has already been invited to Donald Trump’s inauguration, a source close to the reality TV star revealed.
It’s unclear whether the former Olympian will attend the ceremony that will see President-elect Trump assume office on January 20.

Is Caitlyn Jenner set to be Donald Trump’s LGBT adviser?

The source, who spoke to LGBTQ Nation, said they believed she was still looking for someone to attend the event with her.

Ms Jenner’s spokesman said he was unaware of “any details relating to this” when asked to confirm whether the rumours of the invite were true.

When asked if the ‘I am Cait’ star was attending, a spokesman for the President-elect’s Inaugural Committee did not respond.

Throughout the election campaign, the 67-year-old continued to support the Republicans despite numerous attacks on the LGBT community from Presidential candidates.

She also created a video for Mr Trump, after the former Apprentice star said she could use any toilet she wanted in his buildings.

‘I am Cait’, the TV show that focused on her transition was cancelled after its second season for a lack of viewers.