Caitlyn Jenner talks anti-trans violence at the United Nations (VIDEO)

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Caitlyn Jenner has made an appearance at the UN to talk to the United States Ambassador Samantha Powers.

The reality star took the opportunity to raise the issues of anti-trans violence, the high number of suicide attempts in the transgender community and how she hopes her public transition helps to inspire others.

Caitlyn Jenner talks anti-trans violence at the United Nations (VIDEO)

Jenner told the Ambassador that the issue of transgender acceptance “doesn’t have borders,” and the issue is “a part of humanity” and the world needs to ask itself “how do we deal with it?”

“If you look at this on an international level, it’s huge.” Jenner said.

“People are murdered, killed, hung over this issue… It just doesn’t have to be that way.”

“Here in the united states we are up to 21 known murders, homicides, confirmed hate crimes towards trans women. Last year we had 11 all year, this year we are already up to 21 and we still have a ways to go.”

Jenner also opened up about her experiences with suicide, saying “I thought about it…on one particular occasion, that maybe the easy way out of this is just, kind of, take your life.

“Just be done with it, no more pain, you move on, go to a better place hopefully.

“Then I thought what a terrible way to end my life, I don’t want to end the story this way.”

Jenner has received criticism for pledging to continue voting for Republican candidates in future elections despite widespread transphobia amongst the party’s presidential candidates.

She was labelled ‘a disgrace to trans people’ by protesters outside an LGBT charity event earlier this year due to her political views.

Earlier today the United Nations released a video claiming that homophobia and transphobia can cost global economies billions.

Watch the full video below.