Watch: Thor’s Chris Hemsworth drags up for SNL skit

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Chris Hemsworth went from being the God of Thunder to hangin’ out with gal pals yesterday.

The actor, who plays Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, popped up in a skit for Saturday Night Live.

However, he definitely wasn’t in Thor mode – donning a wig and a dress to blend in with a group of women in a restaurant as ‘Claire’.

When the women begin discussing hunky actors (“Channing Tatum is the hottest!”), Hemsworth begins to big himself up.

He says: ” What about Chris Hemsworth in Thor? I’d rather see him out of the armour. Am I right, b**ches?”
Watch: Thor’s Chris Hemsworth drags up for SNL skit
When they attempt to move on to Paul Rudd, he continues: “He’s pretty good… but he’s no Chris Hemsworth in Thor.

“That scene where he comes home from battle and has his shirt off? Yum yum yum!”

However, his friends begin to grow suspicious – asking: “Hey guys, crazy question but is our friend Claire actually Chris Hemsworth?

“I could be wrong and that could just be our friend Claire, but it kinds seems like it’s Chris Hemsworth in disguise.”

When they confront him, he confesses: “Everyone these days keeps talking about Chris Pratt and Ryan Gosling and freaking Liam from the Hunger Games… I just wanted to know does anyone find little old C-Hemmy attractive. Am I still a hunk?”
Watch: Thor’s Chris Hemsworth drags up for SNL skit

One of the women replies: “No… this was bad, and you’re weird now.”