Alex Reid comes out as trans: ‘I guess I am. Why not be trans?’

Cage fighter and Katie Price’s ex Alex Reid has said they identify as trans.

Appearing on the cover of Star magazine, Reid recreates the iconic Vanity Fair cover Caitlyn Jenner used to announce her transition.

In an interview with the magazine, Reid said they are not a “drag queen or a female impersonator”, but rather they identify as trans.

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Speaking as Roxeanne during the interview (Reid switched from one identity to another), they said: “Ever since I was a child I’ve been happy to dress up and play different characters.

Continuing, and using Caitlyn Jenner’s former name, Reid said: “Bruce was mocked because trans people are the last social taboo.


“We don’t have the same rights. Wow, I just said ‘we’. I guess I am. Why not be trans?”

Later in the interview, Reid said: “I’ve never truly identified with trans people, but I have lots of characters.”

“I believe we’re all souls. I could have been a woman. When the lights are off, we’re all souls.”

Reid is now making a documentary about Roxeanne, saying she has become “the butt of so many jokes”.

They said: “I was told to play dumb in the media, almost like it was dirty… It made me feel very insecure. I felt bullied.”

Reid previously talked about their past of having sex with other men in an interview with Jeremy Kyle.

In 2010, Reid’s former partner, Katie Price (also known as Jordan) banned them from appearing on the cover of gay magazine Attitude.