Carol to be released in Russia despite harsh anti-LGBT laws

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Carol has secured a release in Russia, despite homophobic laws banning “propaghanda of non-traditional sexual relations”.

Russian distributor Arthouse has acquired the rights to the film and have announced that it will see release in May 2016.


The film, which is hotly tipped for Academy Awards success, portrays the romantic relationship of Cate Blanchett’s Carol and Rooney Mara’s Therese in 1950’s New York, which would appear to be in direct violation of the vaguely worded laws.

Yan Vizinberg, co-founder of Arthouse, addressed the issues and admitted the film has some obstacles to overcome before seeing release. Talking to The Hollywood Reporter he said “Carol is rated R in the U.S., but in Russia the film will certainly be assigned an 18+ age rating due to these laws…

“Gay-propaganda law will prevent Carol to be sold to major TV channels or even being advertised on federal networks.”

“Some cinemas will refuse to book the film as we witnessed with Pride earlier this year.”

Arthouse has a history of releasing films with LGBT themes in the country, but faced problems when they released the 2014 British film Pride earlier this year.

The film depicted the alliance between an LGBT support group and coalminers during the 1980’s miners strike and was subsequently given an ‘explicit’ rating and a limited release in the country.

However, Vizinberg is certain of Carol’s success in Russia, going on to say “On the positive side, the controversy around the LGBT issues will help us market Carol to the right audience: educated and open-minded intelligentsia.”

Back in 2013 the acclaimed Blue Is The Warmest Colour also faced problems upon it’s release in Russia due to it’s portrayal of a lesbian relationship.

Carol has received substantial critical acclaim since it’s release last month and secured five Golden Globe nominations, more than any other film released this year.