Vigilante group arrests ‘two male relatives’ for allegedly having sex

Two male relatives have been arrested and fined for alleged ‘homosexual acts’.

Two men were arrested by a vigilante group in southern Nigeria last week for allegedly engaging in homosexual acts.

Local news site Nigerian Bulletin identified the men as Monday Ehikwe and his nephew Godwin Chukwueku Okwuoseh.

The site also published a photograph of the two men, stripped naked, bound and undergoing a ‘cleansing ritual’.

The men were reportedly caught in the act by a member of the vigilante group, who handed the over to the Okpala, who serves as spiritual head of their district.

They were then taken to the Chief Priest of a shrine to undergo a series of spiritual cleansing rituals.

Ehikwe and Okwuoseh were also ordered to pay a fine of N25,000 (US$126) each.

They are to return to the shrine in January with one native cow for a final traditional bath.

The Nigerian President earlier this year “flatly rejected” calls from the US to reverse his country’s anti-gay law.

Former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan signed the controversial Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill in January 2014, meaning those who enter into a same-sex marriage or civil union face a 14-year prison sentence.

In addition, it is an offence to take part in or witness a same-sex marriage ceremony.

The strict law also forbids people from running gay clubs, societies, processions or meetings in Nigeria.

The punishment for such acts is 10 years in prison.