Celebrity Big Brother faces backlash over ex-UKIP candidate’s ‘backs to the walls’ comment

Channel 5 faces a backlash for allowing a former UKIP candidate to participate in Celebrity Big Brother.

Winston McKenzie entered the CBB house last night, and was shown in his entry video making a ‘joke’ about gay people.

“I could cope with a homosexual in the house. I guess I’ll just have to stand with my back against a brick wall all the time,” he said.

Crowds booed at the 62-year-old as he entered the house and many took to social media to voice their concerns.

Day Two - UKIP Holds Its Annual Party Conference

“Disgusted that #CBB2016 are going to pay a homophobe thousands of £££ for air time he certainly doesn’t deserve…” one Twitter user wrote.

Another said: “#CBBWinston is everything that’s wrong with this world #CBB2016”.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Disgusted at #CBBWinston for his Homophobic comment and @channel5_tv for even airing it. Feel so angry that this is happening still in 2016”.

Others made light of the stupidity of his comments, one user joked: “I think Big Brother is the only place Winston McKenzie will ever secure a majority of votes…”

PinkNews readers took to Facebook to say they intended to complain to Ofcom about the fact that Channel 5 aired McKenzie’s views.
A former UKIP PPC for Croydon North, Winston McKenzie previously claimed that same-sex adoption is child abuse said he was ‘dismayed’ to find out that Kellie Maloney is transgender.

Despite being purportedly ‘sacked’ by the party, Croydon Council confirmed last April that Mr McKenzie was once again UKIP’s PPC in the seat of Croydon North, as nominations closed.

Day Two - UKIP Holds Its Annual Party Conference

Following stints with Labour, the Liberal Democrats, Robert Kilroy-Silk’s Veritas and the Tories, and after starting his own party and failing to become the Mayor of London as an independent, Mr McKenzie joined UKIP”
But McKenzie is now the English Democrats’ candidate for London Mayor.

McKenzie is set to be paid £60,000 for his appearance on the show, just 10 percent of the fee apparently afforded to David Gest.


McKenzie also joined out gay former Eastenders star John Partridge, who some have speculated, may stand up to the former for his views.

Variety Club Annual Dinner

Partridge, who quit Eastenders in 2012 having played the gay character of Christian Clarke since 2008.

PinkNews has reached out to Channel 5 for comment.