Celebrity Big Brother: Courtney Act is the most nominated housemate as six stars face the final eviction

Six housemates have been nominated for a triple eviction with nearly every housemate nominating Courtney Act.

During Monday’s episode, six housemates were suggested for nomination by the remaining eight housemates.

Malika Haqq, Ashley James and Shane Lynch were nominated along with Courtney Act, Ann Widdecombe and Amanda Barrie.

Leading the nominations was Shane J, the person behind Courtney Act.

Shane received six nominations, with every other housemate except Malika Haqq placing the drag star up for eviction.

The nominated housemates (Photo: Channel 5)

In previous evictions, Big Brother has selected the two, three or four housemates with the most votes to face the eviction.

However, in a surprise twist, each housemate who had been nominated was then eligible for Tuesday’s triple eviction.

Housemates Wayne Sleep and Jess Impiazzi are already through to Friday’s final as they received no nominations from their fellow housemates.

It was announced by the Big Brother Twitter account that Courtney was one of the housemates nominated on Sunday evening.

(Photo: @BBUK / Twitter)

In their nominations, many housemates referenced Shane’s recent arguments with ultra-conservative housemate Ann Widdecombe.

Former member of Boyzone Shane Lynch said that the arguments had shown a new and less favourable side of Shane.

“For the last week, I’ve seen a side of him I don’t particularly like, particularly to do with Ann,” he said.

Shane Lynch (Photo: Channel 5)

DJ Ashley James echoed this, saying that she nominated Shane/ Courtney due to how they had discussed social issues with the heavily opinionated housemate.

She said: “I don’t like how he has handled his dislike towards Ann in the last couple of days – he’s almost trying to drum up an anti-Ann army.”

Tensions rose during Sunday’s episode as Shane began to discuss Ann’s voting record and opposition to marriage equality with Amanda Barrie, who is in a civil partnership.

At one point in the discussion, Shane said: “Well to be fair, in 23 years of parliament she voted against every single pro-LGBT piece of legislation, which is your rights as a human being.”

(Photo: Channel 5)

Amanda replied: “It’s not my rights, it doesn’t affect me at all! I’m married.”

Ann Widdecombe faces her fifth eviction, with three nominations from her fellow housemates.

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In each of these previous evictions, the 70-year-old has been saved by a public vote.

Despite early expectations, Ann Widdecombe is now set to win this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, overtaking Courtney Act last week.

(Photo: Channel 5)

Shane acknowledged that their conflict with Amanda had impacted how they were seen in the house.

They said: “Amanda’s moment with me trickled to Ann and it trickled to Jess a little bit.

“I’ve gone from being good friends with most of the house to feeling awkward.”

As the show enters its final five days, eight housemates remain in the show.

Tuesday’s triple eviction will narrow down the final five housemates, who will then go on to the grand final this Friday.

Watch the nominations below